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Still today, on a global scale, a surprising 80% of industrial workforce is composed of the so-called “Blue Collars”. These workers are the backbone for any company and so it is essential to increase their productivity by actively supporting them in the execution of their daily tasks.

Poema, has always strived for providing to these workers the best available tools in order to widen and enhance their professional skills, while improving the degree of personal satisfaction and consequently the business performances. Supporting the “Blue Collars” with latest enabling technologies, leads to rewriting the best business practices and rethinking the map of organizational processes. Not by chance, we are specialists in Business Processes Reengineering (BPR) !

Poema plans and acts to be the leader in the Italian market for  Augmented Reality Solutions and Wearable Computing for enterprises, also integrating the same solutions in the company IT existing environment  (ERP/MES WMS/etc.) with special focus on SAP Platforms. 

For all this, Poema is partner of Ubimax from 2017.

Founded in 2011, Ubimax is a recognized world leader in the market of augmented reality solutions and in the realization of wearable devices for companies. Up to now Ubimax has got more than 400 customers in every corner of the world that fully productively are using  its AR solutions in supporting warehouse logistics processes, production, maintenance, etc. 

Poema is the first and the only Ubimax Solution Partner for Italy.

Poema has got a team of AR experts able to install and configure the Ubimax Frontline platform with seamless integration with its ERP  Competence Center and with the team of BPR specialists .

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