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Digital Transaction Management is an emerging category of secure cloud-based software and services designed to digitally manage end-to-end business-critical transactions involving people, documents, and data inside and outside your company.

Today companies, in their Digital Transformation plans, are pursuing the dematerialization of documents and need adequate support to ensure full legal compliance while guaranteeing the most efficient and effective document management processing

In this scenario, Poema provide complete Digital Transaction Management solutions based on the integration of world class SW products (best of breed approach)

  • DocuSign – global standard platform for managing digital transactions based on electronic envelopes. 400,000+ customers, 100+ million signatories
  • SAP – Market leader for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Poema has successfully developed and implemented DTM advanced solutions with extremely reduced costs and times. Those solutions integrate SAP and DocuSign flexibly and efficiently without constraints regarding SAP release in use at the customer site.

Our “killer DTM application” supports the formalization of purchase contracts through Docusign, with full legal validity, through the production of Purchase Orders digitally signed by the Attorneys of both companies involved (Customer and Supplier side) and fully integrated with SAP ERP.

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