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Poema Srl | SAP Knowledge Bridging

A perfect storm of technology innovations is changing the ways businesses operate. From mobile and cloud computing to AR/VR world, IoT e Big Data, Companies want to touch and gain the benefits of the latest business and technological trends.

At Poema, we believe that critical insights and ideas come from ongoing collaboration and communication with our valued clients and partners and within our talented consulting team.

In Poema, we are “bridges” and “pioneers” for Digital Innovation delivery in complex Organizations and unique integration of Industry 4.0 systems with ERP applied solutions based on SAP platforms.

That’s why we define our mission: eXtended Knowledge Bridging.


Aerospace & Defence

The A&D players have to face complex changes: globalization and consolidation, innovative technologies, growing and increasingly fierce competition. Poema, which has always operated in this industry at high levels of excellence, is the partner to choose for the most strategic and innovative IT projects.

Railway and metropolitan systems

The production and operation of railway and underground systems is a sector at the centre of ever-expanding investments. Poema is the ideal partner to successfully face the needs of continuous innovation both in terms of product and process that characterize the sector.

Food & Beverage

The Food & Beverage sector is facing an important phase of development and differentiation both in terms of production processes and in terms of sales and distribution channels. Poema, aware of this scenario, has built the optimal skills and experiences to successfully support those who works in the sector.

Pharma & Chemicals

Poema has achieved a significant number of implementations in the Pharma and Chemicals industries, covering both the general and the specific business requirements of the sector, also exploiting the vertical SAP solutions for the sector.

Public Transport

In the field of local public transport (TPL) services, Poema S.r.l. is the right answer to the challenges generated by the liberalization processes and the stringent economic and regulatory constraints.

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