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SAP Aerospace and Defence | Poema SrlAerospace and Defense industrial sector

SAP solutions for the Aerospace and Defense industrial sector

Aerospace and Defense Industry face the daunting challenge of managing a web of partners, suppliers, customers, and internal resources to deliver increasingly complex products and services, on time, within budget. Today’s Aerospace & Defense products are characterized by rapidly changing technology, greater integration, advanced materials, and new methods of manufacturing. In short, products become more complex, and organizations that build and sustain them involve risk and uncertainty.

Therefore to serve this industry, are required increasingly high levels of flexibility and responsiveness and, at the same time, greater efficiency and superior quality.

For the training background of its consultants, for the real experiences of success stories and passion and professional vocation, the Aerospace and Defense industry is the main reference industry of POEMA. To companies that work in this challenging context, POEMA provides a wealth of expertise and solutions to specific issues such as:

  • Managing complex and multi-year programs, which are almost always involving international partners, with project-based budgeting, and resource related billing.
  • Lifecycle management of complex technical systems configurations: as-designed -> as built-> as delivered -> as maintained.
  • Open or closed cycle management of spare parts (rolling, consumable, etc.)
  • Managing issues related to SPEC2000 communication with program partners
  • Interchangeable parts management
  • Customer stock management and purchase orders “on behalf”
  • Integrated Logistic Support

Over the years, Poema has successfully implemented systems in all the functional areas of A & D, and has an exceptional record of successful implementations exploiting the A&D  Industry Solution from SAP.

Now Poema is proud of its well earned reputation in the following areas of the SAP Solution for Aerospace & Defense:

  • IPPE: Integrated Product&Process Engineering
  • Configuration Control Workbench
  • Maintenance Event Builder
  • Component Maintenance Cockpit
  • Subcontracting Monitor
  • SPEC2000/ AECMA2000M interface
  • Inventory Managed Manufcturer Part Number
  • FFF class and Supersession Chain per la gestione degli intercambiabili
  • Costs Grouping Pegging and Distribution for WBS
  • Resource Related Billing
  • WBS configuration from sales document
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