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SAP for the Food & Beverage Market

Food and Beverage Industry is subjected to specific challenges originated by the nature of the goods sold, the heterogeneous composition of the supply chain and the articulated distribution network.

Each distribution channel, Large-Scale Retail Trade, HoReCa (Hotellerie-Restaurant-Café) and traditional customers, has to be properly addressed according to their specific needs, also using a wide number of differentiated use of discounts and prizes at the end of the year.

The operating conditions requires the adoption of flexible operating management schemes with adaptable scheduling operations and constant line up optimization, control capability at every level, and an efficient information system that involves all business functions, allowing each one to contribute, for the specific competence, to the success of the business.

The implementation of SAP solutions is the right answer to the challenges of a changing open market, but its adoption needs to be accompanied by the choice of a trusted and proven Food & Beverage Partner.

Poema S.r.l. ensures excellent performance in the delicate phase of SAP parameterization, which only comes to the end of a weighted-down audit of the specific operating context with an analysis activity that is, in most cases, an opportunity to put in place the organizational and process improvements that contribute to a secure return on investment, guaranteed in terms of productivity gains, ability to respond promptly to the market, growth and, ultimately, return on invested capital.

Poema has already defined, implemented, tested and documented SAP solutions and for the following peculiar issues in the industry:

  • Traceability of products throughout the supply chain;
  • Quality Control in Procurement / Production / Shipment
  • Complete production cycle management optimized according to the yield of the lines and the desired production mix
  • Weight management, line yield, double unit measurement, label configuration, and packaging materials
  • Sales and production planning
  • Managing Promotions and Selling Campaigns
  • Manage bonuses and discounts
  • Private label management
  • Planning and running the distribution
  • Management of retail / retail sales
  • Handling of machining and transport units for standard pallets and cheps
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