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Partners referenced in Local Public Transport (TPL)

In an ever larger scale economic-financial situation, within a market that is becoming increasingly restricted and competitive, the resources invested in SAP must have measurable returns in terms of efficiency and effectiveness.

Also in the Local Public Transport (TPL) services sector, Poema S.r.l. is the right answer to achieve a performance improvement in every phase of the process.

The increasing liberalization in the public transport sectors requires, in particular, just to give an example, the restructuring of the maintenance sector through a pondered application of the principles of homogeneity and standardization typical of SAP, with undeniable benefits as well as in the specific field, also in related business areas.

In particular, the control and real-time knowledge of the needs and maintenance plans make it possible to optimize inventories in the best way, thus reducing fixed assets.

A better planning of company resources also allows the activation of strategies that guarantee a higher level of effectiveness of the maintenance process, real-time knowledge of the status of the processes and management of the activity according to the actual availability of resources.

The activation of the virtuous circle requires the advice of an experienced partner and Poema S.r.l. is a guarantee of referenced success in Local Public Transport (TPL).

For the following areas of competence, we have successfully implemented the SAP solutions, and when necessary, we have implemented the HW / SW interfaces between SAP and the vertical systems in operation, exploiting the most advanced and enabling integration technologies.

  •  Administration: Accounting, Treasury, Management Control
  • Marketing / Sales: CRM, Call Center Integration, Public Information
  • Revenue Management: Travel Titles, Subscriptions, Contributions, Sanctions, Parking Certificates, etc.
  • Purchases: Procurement, Tenders and Contracts, Investment Management
  • Technical management: Vehicles Park Management, Tools and Plants Maintenance, GIS Integration, Mobile Asset Management
  • Operation Management: Fleet Timetable, Machine shifts
  • Operational Management: Deposits, Production Service, Accounting, Telecontrol Integration (AVM)
  • Network Management: Planning, Design
  • Movement Integration: Traveling Personal Shifts
  • Personal Administration: Traveling, Administrative
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