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POEMA Srl | eXtended Knowledge Bridging + 39 06 3234636 Customer area

SAP solutions based on "world class" technologies and systems


Much more than just softwares and technologies are needed for a successful IT project!


Implement "world class" solutions based on "world class" technologies and systems available on the market.

Our customers ask us for consultants who speak their own language, know their business processes and the market context in which they take decisions. At the same time they are looking for people who are not imprisoned in pre-defined rules and schemes but rather capable to explain and consolidate the additional value of implicit knowledge underlying in roles and organizations in order to realize informative systems that do not simply act as platforms for existing operations, but also act as a launching pad for new functions and new businesses.

In this scenario, we aim to be the best company in terms of vertical competences, tools and methodologies in SAP implementations context, creating real and sustainable value for our customers, stimulating opportunities for professional growth for our people and long lasting values for our stakeholders.

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